Normal Not Normal promo slot (RSS only)

Normal Not Normal promo slot (RSS only)

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7k podcast listens per calendar month.

Normal Not Normal's Audience Demographic:

75% Female // 24% male // 1% Undefined

31% USA // 23% UK // 6% Australia

Normal Not Normal show description:

James and Oliver Phelps (aka Fred and George Weasley) talk to a star-studded selection of friends, colleagues and personal heroes who stepped into the limelight at a young age, and find out what “normal” means to them. As identical twins who grew up on the Harry Potter film set as Fred and George Weasley, you could never say that the pair had a “normal” start to life. But recently, they’ve been thinking: what does “normal” mean anyway? Ready your ears for behind-the-scenes Potter revelations; outrageous rants; frank conversations about mental health; and even the odd, ‘did-you-know?’

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